Before you book an electrician, it’s important to ask a range of questions to ensure they’re suitable for the job.

Take a look at our blog post below to find out what you should be asking when looking to hire an electrician on the Central Coast.


One of the most important questions to ask an electrician is if they’re licensed. If an electrician is unlicensed, they should not be performing electrical work.

At Adaz Electrical, all of our electricians are licensed and insured for quality assurance. We keep up to date with the latest electrical news and ensure every product we use is of the highest quality.


If the electrician offers a warranty on their electrical products and work, it means they’re confident in their craftsmanship and the products they install.

At Adaz Electrical our work is guaranteed, and all our products come with a warranty for peace of mind. Know that you’re hiring a professional when you call us.


Having an electrician who is reliable and shows up on-time is crucial when it comes to electrical work. By asking the simple question, ‘when are you available’ is important so that you know when your electrician is able to help with an electrical installation or repair.

At Adaz Electrical, we are available on Monday to Friday from 7am to 4pm, and weekends by appointment. 


Knowing your electrician’s specialty can be a deciding factor. Depending on what electrical work you need done, having an electrician who conducts one or multiple specialties is an invaluable asset.

At Adaz Electrical, we offer a broad range of specialities for our clients on the Central Coast, including:

  • Electrical installations & renovations
  • Communications & data
  • Appliance installations & repairs
  • Grid-connected solar systems


The Adaz Electrical team make sure that you know exactly who is doing the work and go above and beyond to earn your trust.

Part of our company ethos if providing good old-fashioned customer service. We love getting to know our clients so that the next time we see them we’ve already built a strong rapport. Being an electrician is more than just hooking up wires.

It’s about establishing long-term relationships with our clients. Adaz Electrical is built on regular referrals from satisfied clients.

Finding an electrician on the Central Coast can be a daunting task. But with the right questions to ask, you can determine which sparky is right for the job.

Finding an electrician on the Central Coast can be a daunting task. At Adaz Electrical, our qualified electricians bring more than 20 years’ combined industry experience to the table.