A decade ago, only a few specialists knew the name of Nikola Tesla, but Central Coast Electricians are proud to be part of the generation that is becoming increasingly familiar with this inventor and his innovations. 

An interesting life

Nikola Tesla was born in Croatia, then part of the Austrian Empire, in 1856.

He moved to the US in 1884 to work for the well-known Thomas Edison.

Edison would promise his staff significant bonuses for their designs, but Tesla gave his employer several patents and never received a payment for any of them.

Developing alternating currents

Tesla was the inventor of the alternating current that is now used by electricians all over the globe, including by Central Coast Electricians.

His idea replaced the direct current model which had been used until then.

When Edison, who believed in the direct current, claimed Tesla's model was dangerous, the inventor publically shocked himself using a 250,000 volt current.

His model eventually superseded direct current. 

Inventing the coil

Nikola invented a coil, a sort of circuit which was able to generate high voltage electricity without a high current.

This coil is commonly found today in TVs, radios and similar domestic electronics.

They are also used for wireless transmission systems that are still vital for communications to this day. 

Units carrying his name

The Tesla is a currency unit which is used to calculate the strength of some magnetic fields.

There is also a crater on the moon with his name, and the electric car product which is familiar to many.

Top secret

On his death bed, his papers and patents were seized by the FBI, who described them as 'top secret'.

Some parts of his research remain hidden to this day.

Some of his ideas, including the 'death ray', that was later developed into the Strategic Defence Initiative, may have made the government nervous about his research, causing them to hide it. 

An inspiration to all electricians

If you have become interested in Nikola Tesla and his ideas, then Central Coast Electricians can help you to bring some of his ideas to life, including the use of radio, TV and AC currents.

When you need electric systems added to your home, we can help you.

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